Everyone was wonderful!!! Smooth move!...[Read More]
Karen W. Livermore, CA
Excellent!! The guys were on time and worked hard to move my stuff. The project was in budget and I'm happy I contacted familycation.ru. ...[Read More]
John C. Santa Fe Springs, CA
Staff was friendly and hard working. They got the job done in a timely manner. Definitely would use them again for future moves....[Read More]
Jesse Tucson, AZ
familycation.ru rockstar driver/mover, Roger is conscientious, organized, professional and personable. Working alongside Roger were your LA based movers, Raymon and Daniel to WA based movers, Jeremy and Tim - we...[Read More]
Candace and Andrew G. Santa Fe Springs, CA
The crew showed up as scheduled. Efficient, courteous, professional. familycation.ru will always be my first choice and recommendation to others!...[Read More]
Edee S. Phoenix, AZ
the experience was very good the movers did an excellent job. I have no complaints, only good remarks for the whole moving experience....[Read More]
Richard A. Wilkes Barre, PA
Fantastic!! Driver showed up right on time and we were loaded up and ready to roll in a few hours. I was amazed at the care they took with our...[Read More]
Lela L. El Cajon, CA
1-The movers (Wilfredo and Anthony) arrived on time. 2-They were exceedingly efficient and polite 3-They were very careful and left no mess behind. My experience was better than expected....[Read More]
Marshall B. Santa Fe Springs, CA
The crew at both ends of the move did a great job. They were efficient and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend familycation.ru to others....[Read More]
William and Althea F. Woodbridge, VA
Absolutely excellent!! Professional, hassle free and I was always kept informed. Highly recommend this company. Five stars out of five....[Read More]
Steven H. Livermore, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Are there any items that you don’t move?

It is illegal for us to transport combustible or flammable materials. Those items must be safely disposed of before your move. These include items such as: gasoline, propane, oils, paints, aerosols, ammunition, weed killers, acids, etc. Contact your local officials to locate waste disposal and collection facilities.

We also don’t move plants, as spending time in the moving trucks is not good for them and will often times not make it to their final destination in a healthy condition. You should arrange to move any plants you intend to keep in a personal vehicle.

Q: Do you move pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks, or a spa?

Yes. Some items might require crating or special handling procedures, but your familycation.ru crews have been trained to handle them all. We also move; big screen/flat TV’s, swing sets, sheds… just about anything you can think of, we’ve moved it.

Q: Do you move vehicles?

Absolutely! We can move a vehicle or even a fleet of vehicles. Pricing will vary depending on the type/size of vehicle and distance.

Q:  Is familycation.ru affiliated with the Better Business Bureau?

Absolutely. We have company-wide BBB accreditation. You can find the link for the BBB here and look us up in your city.

Q:  Are my items protected against loss or damage during my move?

  • Absolutely, the amount of protection will vary based on the Valuation coverage you choose:
  • Basic Liability Protection is absolutely free and provides for the replacement or repair of an item at a specified rate per pound per piece. This rate will vary by location and can be verified with your Moving Consultant.
  • Full Replacement Value Coverage will cover your possessions for repair, replacement or reimbursement against loss or damage for up to 100% of their current retail value. We average the amount of coverage per pound. If you need more than the basic, we can adjust that for you.
  • Valuation Coverage is not insurance, but a tariff-based level of motor carrier liability. Contact your insurance company to check into their policies if you wish to have your items insured.

Q:  What do you charge for packing?

That really all depends on how many of your belongings you wish to have professionally packed. You can get an estimate through our cost calculator tool which will factor in the amount of packing to be done, or by scheduling an in home appointment with one of our Moving consultants.

Cost and Pricing

Q: If I book an appointment but I am not moving within 60 days will my pricing change?

It could. Pricing changes so frequently based on available capacity (much like airfare). We would simply need to reconfirm the details of your move before booking after the 30/60 days.

Q: How long are your estimates valid for?

30 days if created online only
60 days if created during an on-site/office consultation

Q: Do you have any minimum requirements for moving?

Yes, we have minimums for both local and out of state moves.
Local moves have certain state requirements as they are based on an hourly rate. For example, if a move only takes 3 hours, we would base the final charges on a 4 hour minimum. This ensures our crews earn a bare minimum daily wage.

Out of state moves have a 1,000 lb. minimum load requirement. familycation.ru can help you move only a few pieces of furniture, no matter what the weight is, but in most cases will charge for 1,000 lbs as a minimum. Many movers have a 2,500 lb or greater requirement.
(Additional seasonal requirements may take effect. To find out, schedule an in home appointment to have a our friendly professional Moving Consultant come speak with you about your move.)

Q: When is the cheapest time to move?

Moving prices change based on time of year, month, week, as well as availability much the same way as airfare. The best way to determine a less expensive time period would be to talk to one of our Moving Consultants, but here are a few guidelines to help you plan:

  • Summer months are busy. If possible schedule your move between September and January.
  • People tend to move at the beginning or end of the month, so move in the middle i.e. 10th – 20th.
  • Move in the middle of the week, generally Tuesday or Wednesday.

Q:  Are the same people who pick up my furniture the same people who deliver?

It will more than likely be the same driver (assuming you do not require storage). They will go to the nearest familycation.ru branch location to get trained qualified helpers to load and unload your items, we never use day labor.

Q: How long will it take me to get from destination A to destination B?

Your move transit times are based on several factors: the size of your move, distance being covered, and whether you have requested premium expedited or exclusive use services. Before you book your move online, those details are provided, and with an in home appointment, the Moving Consultant will be happy to explain.

Q: What is a free on-site/office estimate?

A: A free on site estimate is a scheduled appointment with one of our professional Moving Consultants to come to your location from which you’re moving. This allows our Moving Consultant to assess the amount of what is being moved and logistical requirements needed to get the job done while reducing the risk of any damage.

Q: How do you base your pricing?

A: Local: We usually will base our local moves on the amount of time (hours) and movers needed to complete the job. Some local governments have specific or unique pricing requirements moving companies are mandated to use.

Out of State: If you are moving out of state, we base your move on weight and mileage. This is why we require you to schedule an on site estimate for long distance moving.

Q: What is your pricing on storage?

A: We would not be able to give an exact price for storage without seeing the items and the location you want them stored. Some offices have large furniture that would require unique storage or “racked” storage. We’d love to give you a price after the consultant visits with you.


Q: Do you Sub-Contract your moves?

A: No. We only use our own moving consultants, loaders, and movers. We never use 3rd party services to do your move. Unlike some moving companies who will use day labor, with us, everyone that is involved in handling your move is exclusively affiliated with familycation.ru.

Q: How do you base your pricing for insurance?

A: We don’t sell “insurance”. We can provide you with basic valuation coverage at no additional cost. If you wish to purchase additional coverage, the cost is based on a value of the goods to be covered with a set minimum value based on the weight.

Q: Do you offer any special discounts?

A: We do offer discounts, but you would have to speak with one of our moving consultants. This will allow them to explain to you the necessary requirements to attain certain discounts.

What we can Move

Q: What different size trucks does familycation.ru have?

A: Box truck (10,000 lbs or less)
24 ft truck (12-14,000 lbs)
48 ft truck (~25,000 lbs)
53 ft truck (~30,000 lbs)

Q: Are you fully licensed?

A: Certainly. You can check us out with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and local governance. And please feel free to talk with our other customers about their results.

Q: Why should I hire a professional mover?

A: We all know the stress that goes along with moving, and that it can be both mentally and physically draining. Our job is to take away as much of that stress by making your move as easy on you as possible. When it comes to packing and transporting your business, special care is needed that only professional moving companies can provide. Much the same way as you would hire a plumber or electrician for their expertise, moving is a project better left to professionals.